Our Biography

Cassis Band members: Véronique Ramén vocals and Jon Edwards guitar

Jon’s spent time travelling around Europe and the United States in search of modern troubadours, he came across the monumental work of Georges Brassens and Jacques Brel whose style of poetic chanson is filled with a high degree of wit, emotion and beauty.

Living in the South of France he immersed in the deep appreciation, connection and respect that is given to these singing poets. He loves bringing those songs back to life and sharing them with audiences here in Australia and at large.

He studied Classical and Jazz guitar, and composition at WAAPA, played in many groups, funk, folk, rock and blues, and toured Canada twice with the Murder Mouse Blues band. He has written and recorded music for film, documentaries and commercial projects.

Veronique’s passion for simple but beautiful melodies and poetic lyrics by a group of French singer/songwriters stems from her childhood.

She had the desire to sing the songs she remembered growing up in France, though giving the songs a new meaning through Cassis’s own adaptations of those classics.